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All songs written and performed by Simone Zampieri


released October 23, 2015

Marco Corsi > Keyboards
Emanuele Grafitti > Guitars
Emanuele “Badu” Bridda > Percussions
Tommaso Calamita > Bass 11
Ru Catania > Guitars 11
1 _10 recorded, mixed and produced by Enrico “Deko” Decolle - Berlin (DE),
mastering: Jacopo Vannini, Dream Factory - Berlin (DE).
11 recorded, mixed and produced by Ru Catania, Lady Lovely Studio > Codfish Studio - Bruxelles (BE)
12 recorded, mixed and produced by Maurice Andiloro - Trieste (IT),
mastering: Mauro Andreolli > Das Ende Der Dinge - Trento (IT).

cover photo: © ugo Borsatti
artist photo: © damiano Tommasi
graphic design: Francesca Zucchi
Thanks to: Fulvio romanin, demis albertacci, cody oliver, mauro da rold, matteo e. Basta,
massimiliano Borghesi, chiaravidonis, conor o’brien, Fabio cussigh.



all rights reserved


Lady Lovely label Brussels, Belgium

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Track Name: Oh Sister
You are the same as i was you’ve gone to find the truth and you will say
you’re not a fool
your mother did the scandal your father drinks a lot
and no one there
to wash your clothes
it’s not that bad
if you walk alone
now tell me where
you decide to go
and you will pray oh lord
help me now
take your bag and leave that lonely house
you’ve paid for all the mistakes of someone passed away
and you will say
you’re not a fool
it’s not that bad
now you’ve got a home
you’re getting old
somewhere i don’t know
but i will pray oh lord
help her now
can i sing a song without a sound now give your love to anyone else ‘cos you’re my sister girl
but i don’t know where
Track Name: Behind The Yellow Field
Well i was born behind the yellow field but now the house i burnin’
i’ll sit down here
my dearest fear
you’re spanish name is taken from a book the dreamy poet is laughing’
but not like you
you’ve changed the rules
hold me like the day you found me
tell me if i’m blowin’ against the wind call me now you need to hold me
i’ll never be the same guy i was before
there’s always someone missing at my call the countryside is calling
that’s where i’ll go
i’ll bring you girl
people on the grave are looking at me now i can’t belive that i’ll be free
i wonder
going to a church talkin’ to her nothing to declare after the death
i call her
Track Name: Jordi Ribas (Where Do The Pirates Go)
i’ve left my boat and i’m playing this song i’m pretty sure that i’m singing out of tune i just don’t care when i wear my hat
and i can see me walkin’ down in every street i know
you may say that i’m not ok
but i’m trying just to make you smile
i want to see you smile
little girl on the corner
business man in your office getting older i know you need to breath
i leave this world but i’m not so sad
‘cos i’m pretty sure that i’ll sing forever more
you’ll be my queen my love
under the sea we go
searching for all the streets that we don’t know at all
this is not a good day to cry for me
this is not a good day go to the street where o the pirates go to find some peace if not in the sea
Track Name: While The Dogs Are Barking
the cold in all the stations the homeless on the floor i’ve paid for all my toilets but now i’m coming home
i’ve met a guy named Emil
is silent like a stone
he told me to come back soon i think that i’ll postpone
‘cos everyday i know who’s the man in the mirror and everynight i know you’re the one that i need i’m coming at your door but i’m not an hero
and i ca’t forget the house where i live
i’ve seen so many churches but i can’t belive in god
and when i found my spirits my friends just drunk them all
and while the dogs are barkin’ the bus is overfull
i’m coming back from turkey
i hope to see you soon
Track Name: Mr Wolff
now i’m looking for some water for all the drinks i had last night i’m still uncovered
fourteen hours on the corner searching for a phone
just to call her
my brain was swimming in the open and the man just woke me up
said you’re not sober
are you dead or just another
i’m just lookin’ for a friend
to call him brother
the sirens call and i called my home can you send me some money
to grow
so i don’t feel alone
two weeks later i told my neighbour about the night when i was drunk
at the petrol station
and he asked me what’s the meaning and i said just take me back
at the beginning
i’ve spent a lot
and i missed my train
my face was black and blue hitting you
i did my drugs
and i’ve missed my day
but it’s just the same story and sound
tell me what i’ve found
Track Name: The Peach
i’ll take the peach from the table you in a wonderful light
and i’m thinking to myself
what could be your heaven there could be my hell
you understand my behavior
you are a part of the cure
and we’ll take another ship to another country but on the same old sea
and it’s not the way it seems
i’m just looking for the cure
to erase my useless fears
and forget where i was born
still spinnin’ round and round there is a light in every house from the north down to the south that’s what i’ve found
up from the top to failure now i’ve decided to go
claim my life without the pain and the revelations
in this brand new day
Track Name: Memorandum
come with me away from the police can you hear the sound
on the streets the mothers and the kids running out of town
that you might like
now i know the meaning of the war better start to run
me and my friends we don’t need to rest ‘cos we are so young
and we love life
i feel the power of the crowd the power of a tiny town
can you believe boys
run if we can boys
all the troupes are waiting for a call i can feel the fear
i’m afraid don’t wanna die today bring me out from here
in the sunlight
the cars are burnin’ on the streets and i can hear my mother scream run if you can son
the soldiers came without a sound while i was layin’ on the ground i’m only fifteen sir
don’t shoot me down sir
the church was cold
with flowers on the wall
people dressed in black
don’t you know the meaning of the death can you take me back
Track Name: On My Grandmother’s Grave
november came with no control
take me back where i was born
i’m afraid of been afraid
i’ve left my home and now i’m blind
take me back where i can try to see my face
she called me back but i can’t stay i’ll bring some flowers on the grave at my childhood place
my heart is strong but not enought to live this life without a glass
can you offer me a drink
while you’re dancin’ in the gym
that’s while i’m trying to fix my dreams but i can’t remember how
my mother sleeps inside the car
but i know one day she used to laught was a picture frame
but i know she has to go
somewhere i don’t know
now i came to talk to you
grandma tell me what to do
in your silent way
there’s no place where i want to stay that’s why i’m running every day
but for what for
Track Name: To See As The Good Sees
now the living room is full of broken flowers and when i wonder how i feel i start to cry
i wanna start again i want to be your lover but now i’m feelin’ like i’m living in the past
behind the yellow field the faithfull dog was sleeping i was a little child with nothing to forget
look at me today i’m crying while i’m singing
maybe i was wrong if i came to this
come back in my heart i need to smile come back in my heart i’ll have to try i’ll try to see as the good sees
and in this brand new day i’m wondering if i’m living i wanna start again again and again
Track Name: The River
well i might day tonight i’m falling into the river you might say it’s not right but i can’t forgive her
she treated me like a fool and now i need to be honest if you got nothing to lose you can call her
and everybody got an easy way
to talk about the way they’re not afraid i’ve got a feeling for an empty grave you just have to wait
don’t be afraid
Track Name: Click Clock
now give me back that melody
i wonder how it goes
the city lights are beckoning
the silence of my home

click clock life goes into the night
everybody is running but i'm feeling so tired
click clock life goes into the night
everybody is running
you might try

that's where you go
i don't know where you're coming from
that's where you go
down here
Track Name: Oh Father
from the storm behind the valley
and the rain upon the creeks
can you hear me play my guitar
even if you are not with me

and i woke up with this feeling
that the sun is getting low
you are a man with no ambitions
fifteen years behind the wall

and now the ringing bell
it's a creepy sound
can i fill my life
with the love i've found
can we spend some time together
until the day that you'll be gone
until the day i'll find
your face upon the wall

now i'm hiding all the feelings
all the love that i've grown
you were right
i'll be like you
i was wrong to leave my home

and i woke up with the feeling
that the sun is getting low
you are a man with no ambitions
but you're my father after all