by Galapaghost



This is an exclusive EP for all the co-producers that helped Galapaghost thru the "Small Pockets, Big Hearts" crowd funding campaign on Musicraiser.
Thank you so much, this is for you.


released March 1, 2013

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Casey Chandler.
Mastered by Ru Catania
Artwork by Francesca Zucchi



all rights reserved


Lady Lovely label Brussels, Belgium

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Track Name: Branches
You are mine
And I will always be yours
Til the end of time

The branches of a new born love reaching out
Just like penguins do and otters too
Our love is true
So don't be scared
I'd save you from a grizzly bear

So have no fear
I love you my dear
Track Name: Please Go Have Consensual Sex With Yourself
The way is clear
The time is near for a change
Oh rearrange, oh rearrange
Just sitting here naked on my throne
Wiping away the remnants of our days
And you're laying there naked and alone
Waiting for me to satisfy your needs

But don't be sad, lady
And please go have sex with yourself

I watch you beg
I watch you plead and whine
Pretending your shit don't stink just as bad as mine
So I'll ask you just this one last time
To go get fucked and have fun

But don't be sad, lady
Cause you can always have sex with yourself